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6 applications of Boom Flower® @ 2 ml/liter of water increased the yield by 32.77%

Salient Findings

  • Boom Flower® increased the height of the tree by 7.02%
  • Increased the girth of the tree by 4.18%
  • Increased the laterals / tree by 24.3%
  • Increased the number of nuts / panicle by 17.63%
  • Increased the nut yield by 32.77%

Source: All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Cashew, Department of Horticulture, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Orissa, India.

Suggested Spray Schedule for Cashew

The application will vary depending on the duration of the crop

Crop BF Dose Application Schedule Remarks
Established crop 2 ml / lit of water 1st spray 45 days before flowering Improves establishment & flower initiation
    2nd spray 15 days after 1st spray Improves flower initiation
    3rd spray 15 days after 2nd spray Improves fruit setting
    4th spray 30 days after 3rd spray Improves fruit assimilation
    5th spray 30 days after 4th spray Improves nut formation
    6th spray 30 days after 5th spray Increases nut size, weight and quality
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