Honeydew Melon

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Honeydew Melon

4 applications of Boom Flower® @ 2 ml/liter of water increased the yield by 15.7%

Salient Findings

  • Boom Flower® improved the fruit number and weight significantly
  • Improved the pollination significantly
  • Increased the fruit set significantly
  • Increased the marketable yield significantly

Source: Peracto Pty Ltd, North Queensland, Australia.

Suggested Spray Schedule for Honeydew Melon

The application will vary depending on the duration of the crop

Crop Duration BF Dose Application Schedule Remarks
Direct sown 100 days 2 ml / lit of water 1st spray 30 DAS Improves root growth & establishment
      2nd spray 45 DAS Improves flower initiation
      3rd spray 60 DAS Increases fruit size and yield
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