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The inhouse trials on Coconut indicated that 3 soil applications of Boom Flower® 15% Granules @ 50 gms/palm increased the yield by 25%.

Salient Findings

  • Boom Flower® improved the nut formation
  • It reduced the nut drop considerably
  • Increased the size of the nut
  • Increased the kernel size and the quality of the nuts

Source: Devi Cropscience Pvt Ltd., India.

Suggested Spray Schedule for Coconut

The application will vary depending on the variety of the palm.

Crop BF Dose Application
Perennial 50 gms / palm / application The granule is mixed with required quantities of sand or along with the fertilizers, 3 times in a year. Follow the donut pattern of application, 3 feet away around the trunk of the palm.
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