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Features & Benefits

Key Attributes of Boom Flower®

  • Boom Flower® is a plant energizer and yield booster
  • Boom Flower® improves the root formation and prepares the plant to build a robust vegetative growth
  • Boom Flower® facilitates better anchorage of plants & improves nutrient uptake & nutrient use efficiency of plants
  • Boom Flower® induces profuse flowering and reduces premature dropping of the flowers, buds and fruits
  • Boom Flower® improves organoleptic factors of the produce
  • Boom Flower® induces early maturity and harvest
  • Boom Flower® when applied at the critical growth stage of the crop significantly increases the yield

Additional Benefits

  • Boom Flower® is quickly absorbed by the plants
  • It is non toxic and environment friendly
  • At recommended dosages, it dissipates quickly in the environment


Boom Flower® is available as Emulsion Liquid Formulation and Encapsulated Granular formulation to adapt in different agricultural practices.


Boom Flower® is compatible with all foliar fertilizers and most of the insecticides and fungicides predominantly used in agriculture. It is not recommended along with Bordeaux Mixture and Sulphur based chemicals.


Pack sizes in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter.