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3 applications of Boom Flower® @ 2 ml/liter of water increased the yield of Watermelon by 45.2%. The usual farmer practice in Vietnam was to leave 1 fruit / vine. In Boom Flower® treated plot 2 fruits / vine were allowed to grow. Under this treatment, Boom Flower® increased the total yield of Watermelon by 89%.

Salient Findings

  • Boom Flower® increased the length and the structure of the plant significantly
  • Improved the leaf surface area
  • Increased the fruit weight by 17.3%
  • Increased the total yield up to 45.2%
  • Increased the Brix (sugar content) by 7%

Suggested Spray Schedule for Watermelon

The application will vary depending on the duration of the crop

Crop Duration BF Dose Application Schedule Remarks
Direct sown 90 days 2 ml / lit of water 1st spray 10 DAS Improves root growth & establishment
      2nd spray 25 DAS Improves flower initiation
      3rd spray 40 DAS Increases fruit size, weight and quality
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