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12 applications, in a year with an interval of 30 days, of Boom Flower® @ 2 ml/liter of water increased the yield by 49%.

Salient Findings

  • Boom Flower® increased the plant height by 41.27%
  • Increased the number of branches by 22.24%
  • Increased the number of flowers / plant very significantly
  • Increased the bud length and diameter very significantly
  • Increased the yield of the flowers by 49%

Source: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Suggested Spray Schedule for Jasmine

The application will vary depending on the duration of the crop

Crop BF Dose Application Remarks
Established crop 2 ml / lit of water Monthly 1 spray Improves crop establishment
      Improves flowering
      Increases flower weight and quality
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