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Boom Flower® can be used on all open field, agriculture, horticulture, polyhouse, nursery crops of economic importance.

Yes, Boom Flower® is highly systemic and will trans locate to all parts of the crop.

It is generally recommended at 2 to 3 ml/liter of water. The total quantity of the formulation for the field crop is limited to 600 ml to 1 liter per Hectare depending on the crop and the type of sprayer used for application.

Generally 3 to 4 applications are recommended for a single flowering crop like cereals and further applications are decided based on the number of flowering and the intervals.

It is recommended to spray with an interval of 15 to 20 days depending upon the crop and duration.

The ideal time is early morning and late afternoon, after the dews dry off.

Boom Flower® is formulated with a wetting agent. Hence, it does not require any adjuvant.

Boom Flower® will help the plant to overcome the stressed condition, it needs careful examination before applying on to the stressed crop. In case of heavy damage, Boom Flower® may not give desired results.

Boom Flower® is absorbed by the plant immediately; however the visual impact can be seen 7-15 days after the application.

Boom Flower® treatments are additional to the recommended rates of fertilizers. However studies indicate that Boom Flower® increases the yield even when applied with 75% of the recommended rate of fertilizers. A careful reassessment of the nutrition levels should be done before the application. It is suggested to add Boom Flower® along with the full recommended rate of the fertilizers for maximum returns.

Boom Flower® does not affect the pests and diseases directly but can help the plant to grow sturdier and make the plant less vulnerable to the pests and diseases.

Boom Flower® acts on the various critical stages of the crop. After 3 applications the effect can be visually seen in the height, root density, number of branches, flowering terminals, flowers and the yield after the last spray.

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